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Atlantic Surimi

Blue whiting surimi.

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Associated professor Torbjørn Trondsen

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 Several years of research and full-scale production experience have shown that North Atlantic blue whiting is an excellent raw material for a profitable at sea surimi production. At present this fish is primarily caught for fishmeal production.  The resource situation is positive. TAC is about 650,000 tons, while the total catch in 1998 was about 1 mill tons. Full scale trial blue whiting surimi production was conducted by two Norwegian vessels in the 1980’s and by the Japanese research vessel ”Shinkai Maru” 1991-1995. Part of the research project was carried out through a joint project with participation from the Faroe Island Government, University in Tromso/TT Management AS and JAMARC, Tokyo. The surimi made from blue whiting was also successful tested in all major markets and buyers have shown interest to purchase.
It is expected that Norway, EU, Faroe Island and Iceland in near future will agree upon a total international quota for blue whiting. Then, individual vessels can take their quotas independent of economic zone boundaries. Catch rates with vessel engines about 7000 hp are in average expected to be above 200 tons a day in winter season and above 100 tons a day in the summer and fall season. Quotas for Atlantic blue whiting are available in Joint Venture with established companies.
Reduced supply from traditional surimi fish sources and the development of new processing lines make it possible to utilise smaller fish to surimi-production which at present are utilised for fish meal (feed for animal and fish) or not utilised at all. Atlantic blue whiting is such specie in the Atlantic, which at present is utilised as raw material to the much lower paid fishmeal.




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Trondsen T (1998): Blue whiting surimi: New perspectives on market value. Fisheries Research 34 (1998) 1-15.



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