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Professor Torbjørn Trondsen






This page gives overview of key activities and publications related to fish product development projects carried out at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science.  The page will be built step-by-step and updated regularly for presentation of news. Visit the page regularly.




Papers about  value adding (1997)and barriers (1997) in marketing of fresh consumer packed fish and salted fish (1994)



Proposal strategic research program (1)

 Internet center for market-oriented product development for the fishery industry  (IMPU)


Proposal strategic research program (2)

Models for market-oriented product development of new aquaculture species focused on wolffish, halibut and turbot


Status:  Under construction

Projects and product news:

  • Bluefin tuna

1.      Report North Atlantic trial fishery 1998

  • Wolffish, halibut and turbot
  • Seal products
  • By-products
  • Fish roe

1.      Roe capelin report 28.3.00

2.      Herring roe: Japanese report about limited supply and increasing prices  22.3.00

·         Surimi




Trondsen T,  Angelsen, K, Hareide N R (1999):  Explaining catch variation of Bluefin Tuna. Report from exploratory fishery in North Atlantic Ocean 1998. Working Paper. The Norwegian College of Fisheries Science, University of Tromsø, 9037 Tromsø, Norway

Trondsen T (1997): Trawling blue whiting for surimi: A study of catches variations in low season. Fisheries Research 32 (1997) 201-212

Trondsen T (1998): Blue whiting surimi: New perspectives on market value. Fisheries Research 34 (1998) 1-15.


Trondsen T (1997): Value-added fresh seafood. Barriers to growth. Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing Vol. 8 (4) 1997, pp 55-78.

Trondsen  T (1997): Marketing potential and barriers for fresh packed fish. A survey of buyer perception in UK and French seafood distribution.  Journal of Food Products Marketing Vol. 4 (2) 1997, pp79-99

Trondsen (1994b): Product marketing strategies and performance in the European market for salted cod. Proceedings of the seventh Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade  Vol 3 p 97-117 Taiwan.


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